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Amish History in America

The first Amish in Europe to split from the Mennonite community settled in Switzerland and in the southern Rhine River region. It is believed the first history shows Amish immigrated to the United States and settled primarily in Pennsylvania around 1730. Approximately 3,000 additional Amish in various groups, seeking to escape high taxes, crop failures, war, and religious prosecution, settled in communities in New York, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, and southern Ontario.

It is estimated the Amish now live in as many as 24 states and in Canada and Central America. Approximately 150,000 Amish now live in North America with about 80% still living in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. The greatest Amish concentration is in Holmes and adjoining counties in northeast Ohio, about 100 miles from Pittsburgh, followed by settlements in Elkhart and surrounding counties in northeastern Indiana. The three broad groups of Amish, the Old Order, the New Order, and a few even more conservative groups, continue to live a simple lifestyle in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Company Information

Paul D’Anna, President of Amish Resort Furniture, has successfully provided homeowners and designers with high quality, exceptional, solid-wood Amish furniture from his southeastern Michigan retail location since 1999. Two years ago, he expanded his business to offer custom orders on the Internet.  D’Anna’s store and Web sites are now primary distribution systems for the Indiana and Ohio Amish woodworkers. The Amish do not deal directly with the public and rely exclusively on non-Amish retail stores and Web sites owners to market and sell their furniture.

A design engineer, D’Anna frequently attends Amish furniture expositions in Indiana and Ohio to meet prospective builders, determine which builders meet his high standards, and maintain his strong connection with the builders. He now has a successful relationship with over 150 individual woodworkers who have the ability to customize furniture to his specifications, meet his deadlines, and who faithfully stand behind their product. Most of the Amish builders can produce all of the various styles of furniture, including traditional, mission, shaker, country, modern, beach, and many more in any of the wood choices. However, since D’Anna specializes in highly-customized orders, his experience and knowledge of the various builders’ strengths are critical in determining which of the builders to select for the more unique designs.

D’Anna has earned a reputation for meeting the increasingly-unique furniture requirements of today’s individual consumers and can now offer this same service to designers and purchasers in the hospitality industry. In contrast to mass-produced furniture, each piece of Amish furniture is handcrafted in Ohio or Indiana using old world construction techniques. Consequently, D’Anna can work with any room layout and design requirement. The entire construction process, from growing the trees for lumber to constructing, finishing, and delivering the furniture is entirely done in the United States. Consequently, D’Anna can design and order furniture not available through traditional outlets.

In addition, each piece of Amish furniture is finished by hand, ensuring it is individually inspected. This results in an extremely high quality-control process.

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Refinishing Service Plan

Refinishing Service Plan

Amish furniture is built to withstand years of hard use minimizing the need to frequently replace furniture. The solid wood construction is much stronger than most production-made furniture used in resorts and hotels today and will last a long time with only occasional touch-ups and/or refinishings. The option and ability to refinish rather than replace your investment will considerably reduce your financial outlay and ensure your furniture always looks its best. The resort furniture you purchase from Amish Resort Furniture is covered by a one-year warranty for craftsmanship and workmanship. As an additional benefit, we offer a refinishing contract plan with the following two service levels


Low monthly maintenance fee
Daily service call charge


Slightly higher monthly maintenance fee with no additional daily service call charge
Prices for the two plans are provided when your purchase is quoted